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paranoid centaurs

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boring college au where az and crow go to the same laundromat off campus because they both really hate the college’s laundry rooms and they’re dicks and somehow only manage to remove each others’ clothes from the washing machines but they do it ALL THE TIME and finally one of them catches the other in the act and plot out ~personal revenge~ but for that to work they have!! to!! actually see each other

so they start pulling really childish pranks whenever they can ((putting a red sock in a batch of white clothes (but only like white socks/undergarments omg), moving clothes to completely different machines, etc)) and eventually they begin having relatively civil conversations to becoming grudging friends to gaining big huge loser crushes on one another AND THEN they make out a lot in the laundromat when it’s mostly empty and def hold hands around campus and I dont know this is gross bye

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DRAGON OMENS [BREATHES HEAVILY] (c) vajeens and peens respectively 

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look at this face

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[crashes into your living room] RICHARD AYOADE!AZIRAPHALE [accidentally breaks your fine porcelain] SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY!CROWLEY [tries to fix everything with duct tape] WHY CAN’T I COME UP WITH FANCASTS LIKE THESE ON MY OWN

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I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come and see!”

(please open in new windows, tumblr resizes them to a really lousy quality!)

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I don’t want to draw famine im scared

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whispers softly… .. .good omens horsemen… .. ….  .

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