#he’s never gotten the chance to say the word ‘mom’ #and when he does#for the first time #when he takes that chance #she doesn’t hear him#//animal screams of pain


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TV meme » 2 quotes: 
"Dad would have never let us do anything like this. Thanks, Dean. This is great."

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Favorite Wincest quotes - Pt.2

"I remember this. This is 4th of July, 1996.”



150% done with people using dsotm to paint sam as selfish/uncaring/resentful/what the fuck ever

he was a child. he was a child trying to escape an abusive home environment. he was a child who never experienced a mother’s love, who was made to move constantly, who lived in horrible conditions, who was “running into burning buildings since he was 12”

he was a child who thought the greatest thing in the world was sitting down to dinner with a family like most people get to do on a regular basis

if any of you met a child like that irl i hope to fuck you’d be calling cps instead of telling them what an ungrateful shit they are


Dean Version.