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Doing what has to be done.

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‘Vimes, you have gone insane,’ said Rust. ‘You can’t arrest the commander of an army!’
‘Actually, Mr Vimes, I think we could,’ said Carrot. ‘And the army, too. I mean, I don’t see why we can’t. We could charge them with behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace, sir. I mean, that’s what warfare is.’
Vimes’s face split in a manic grin. ‘I like it.’
‘But in fairness our – that is, the Ankh-Morpork army – are also–’
‘Then you’d better arrest them too,’ said Vimes. ‘Arrest the lot of ‘em. Conspiracy to cause an affray,’ he started to count on his fingers, ‘going equipped to commit a crime, obstruction, threatening behaviour, loitering with intent, loitering within tent, hah, travelling for the purposes of committing a crime, malicious lingering and carrying concealed weapons.’
‘I don’t think that one–’ Carrot began.
I can’t see ‘em,’ said Vimes.

Jingo, Terry Pratchett (via jiggit)

loitering within tent has always been one of my favourite puns. this may tell you more about me than you need to know

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the little self-satisfied ‘hah’ as he realizes he’s on a roll is what makes it. 

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violently Filipino Cecil because yaaaaas

….I want his hair.


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“Harry Potter isn’t real? Oh no! Wait, wait, what do you mean by real? Is this video blog real? Am I real if you can see me and hear me, but only through the internet? Are you real if I can read your comment but I don’t know who you are or what your name is or where you’re from or what you look like or how old you are? I know all of those things about Harry Potter. Maybe Harry Potter’s real and you’re not.” -John Green

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❝ ‬I’d like to resume my therapy.❞‬‬

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