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also i don't know anymore this blog is a huge multi-fandom mess and i've lost control of my life



ibらくがき by 大家

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I thank you to everyone.

ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ  「Thank you!」

Now, Japan is 1:00 midnight. 

…Good night.


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vejiicakes said: yeah i don’t save money when i can accrue more art-for-animation books -__- (plus I’ve had to leave like 98% of my book collection at my parents’ house to move, so LOOKING TO GIT SOME MORE) Oh also, the Sketchtravel book if you haven’t yet.

RIGHT ME TOO and I’m heading to college next year and I feel so bad like ‘do I waste more money on art books right this instant or do I actually try and save up for the inevitable slew of expensive textbooks’ it shouldn’t be that hard of a decision but. it is. it really truly is. maybe if art books SUCKED THIS WOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE FOR AN US BUT WELL THERE YOU GO

noted! I have a steadily growing list of books im probably just going to camp out at my library for the next few days

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it’s sophomore year all over again

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sadafies said: you ARE among their ranks wtf

laughs for 3 hours dhdklHNn

biscuitprince said: There are no morgans :( should I change my name to Kate or Claire or ryan

if you choose ryan we can be the RC Crew it’ll be cool

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by Claire Wendling

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why are there so many good artists with the first name ‘claire’ i want to join their ranks

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vejiicakes said: OOH I don’t have the Disney Villain book by Ollie and Frank yet, how’s that?? (BTW I’d recommend any of Wendling’s books, and if you’re interested in visdev, “Dreamworlds” by Bacher”)

the villain book is great! it’s obviously nowhere near as long as The Illusion of Life (350 ish pages less I think?) so the overall text is a bit short - even if it is just focusing on the villains - but it still packs a lot of good content. I’m pretty sure it’s also got more concept art spread throughout it than, say, the History of Animation as well, and it’s all printed SO NICE AND BIG it’s worth it just for the visuals alone tbh. so yeah, I totally recommend it!!

and thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out!

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The Hobbit Dwarves re-imagined in Rankin/Bass style, Zack Giallougo.

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I am replaying Ib and… my child

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